by nkluz

I realized I didn’t write much of anything about going to Mexico a couple of months ago, mostly because everything was almost too nice-looking and interesting to even talk about. I’ll just include a couple of details from the trip here.

These fortune-telling birds were in Mexico City:

(photo by Evan Scott)

For a small fee, one of them picked out a fortune for me that came in a tiny envelope (it’s hard to describe the emotion that miniature, shiny stuff like this makes me feel). The fortune itself was a little enigmatic, in terms of grammar. Even my Spanish-speaking friends couldn’t quite make out what’s going to happen to me, but I think the consensus was that I’ll be overcoming obstacles to reach a positive outcome.

This is the inside of Biblioteca Miguel Lerdo de Tejada, a really wonderful library in the Centro filled with murals by artist Vladímir Kibálchich Rusakov. It would be worth going back for this place alone.