The Christmas Trash

by nkluz

“Gray was told the files were – quote – ‘political dynamite; and should – quote- ‘never see the light of day.’ He was told, quote , ‘they could do more damage than the Watergate bugging itself.’ In fact, Ehrlichman had told Dean earlier in the day, ‘You go across the river ever day, John. Why don’t you drop the goddamn fucking things in the river?’ Gray kept the files for about a week and then he says he threw them in a burn bag in his office. He says he was not exactly told to destory the files, but undersstood it was absoltely clear what Dean and Ehrlichman wanted.”*

*Before the Senate Watergate committee, Gray corrected this. He said then that he had kept the files at his Connecticut home for nearly six months, and had burned them with the Christmas trash in December 1972.

Jacket collage by Wendell Minor 1974