Big Prospects; Time Travel

by nkluz

A time traveller from the 19th century looks down at the utopian Boston in the year 2000:

“At my feet lay a great city. Miles of broad streets, shaded by trees and lined with fine buildings, for the most part not in continuous blocks but set in larger or smaller enclosures, stretched in every direction. Every quarter contained large open squares filled with trees, among which the statues glistened and fountains flashed in the late afternoon sun. Public buildings of a colossal size and an architectural grandeur unparalleled in my day raised their stately piles on every side. Surely I had never seen this city nor one comparable to it before. Raising my eyes at last towards the horizon, I looked westward. That blue ribbon winding away to the sunset, was it not the sinuous Charles? I looked east; Boston harbor stretched before me within its headlands, not one of its green islets missing.”

from Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward 2000-1887 (1888)

PIctures from the top of the Custom House tower, accessible every sunny day at 2pm.