Nobody Likes

by nkluz

when you read them the funny parts of books aloud:

“‘You know what would be nice? Listen to this. What we ought to do is get some Western outfits that would be just alike except mine would be for a girl. You see, they would match. Then we would have a little boy and we would get him one, too. Oh yeah, and if it’s a girl I want to name her Bonita. I could probably make it myself. Anyway we’ll be all dressed alike when we go to church and everything.’
‘I don’t like that idea much.’
‘Why not?’
‘I just don’t.’

from Norwood, (1966) by Charles Portis.

(screenshot from Disneyland Dreams, Robbins Barstow 1956)

The Barstow family in their matching Davy Crockett outfits, about to embark on a free Disneyland adventure. Today I learned how to use the “print screen” key on a PC. Others might already have known how to do this.